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Silverlake at Silverton

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The Outside

This is how the outside of our home will look like. These pictures are our from our neighborhood.

Yellow Parkwood

This is another home with the same style as ours - The Parkwood. We like the look, especially the side-entrance garange - but ours is going to be a front entry.

The Plot

This is our plot - where the house is going to be built. As you can see, it's all trees now, but soon...

The pictures below and to the right are the views from the plot. We have the lake accross from us, and a small creek on our side. Very picturesque!

The Lake opposite the plot

Black Parkwood

Our home is going to look very similar to this one. The elevation is going to be the same, the colors might differ.

Outside the Model

The outside of the Model Home at SilverLake. Love the landscape!

On the side of our plot