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Silverlake at Silverton

Here's our new house!

We're very excited about our new house and eager to share all the details, so we've created this "virtual guided tour" until we can show off the new place to everyone in person.

This was one of the first home-sites we saw when we first started looking for homes. And we loved it so much, it seemed a shame to keep looking!!

But keep lokking we did, and none of them came even close to this! In terms of driving to and from work, Silverlake is located on Cary Parkway, just 7-8 minutes from I-40, and .5 miles from Highway 54. It's an awesome location, with million-dollar homes right around the corner, and lots of greens on the streets.

We loved the Parkwood plan - it was the perfect size for our first home (okay, it is a teeny bit bigger than we had imagined!!). We loved the very open kitchen & family room here, as well as the beautiful bonus room (I've claimed it as my office!). The bedrooms are also perfect, 2 Guest, and 1 Master. The best feature is it's amazing walk-up attic - it adds 1500 sq. feet to the home once we finish it!! It would make a perfect game room, or library...

Vital Statistics:

Style of house: Parkwood
Date built: March 7, 2002
Number of rooms: 3 Bedrooms, Bonus Room, Family Room, Formal Dining Room, Study, Kitchen & Breakfast nook.
Size: 2400 sq.ft.

A model Parkwood

Grandma Kruti!!

Here's Kruti in one of the Guest Bedroom's - practicing to be a Grandmother someday!!

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