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Silverlake at Silverton

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The Inside

This is the interior of the house. Now remember, these are the pictures of the model home, but trust us - our house is going to be better!!

Breakfast Nook - 1

This is the breakfast area. It's adjacent to the kitchen. Our dinette goes here.

Breakfast Nook - 2

The formal Dining Room:

Formal Dining Room

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom. It's a very nice size - large, but not too much, so it'll be perfect for the bedroom furniture.

And here's the master Bath - again, the perfect size. Below that is the Guest Bathroom upstairs.

Master Bathroom

Kruti in the Master Bath!

The Guest Bathroom

To the left is the Guest Bathroom, and below is our Patio. The Patio is big enough to hold a swing, and we're definately planning to get one!!

The Patio

Family Room - 1

Family Room - 2

This is the family room, which serves as the informal sitting room. The TV goes here. It opens up into the kichen, and has a very real and pleasent sense of openness.

This is the kitchen:

Kitchen - 1

Kitchen - 2

A kitchen; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is the Bonus room - upstairs. We'll be using it as my office - with my computer desk and a sofa in here. It's really nice and big!

There are stairs going up to a huge attic from outside this room.

Bonus Room - 2

The First Guest Bedroom

These are the 2 Guest Bedrooms.

The Second Guest Bedroom